RockStars is a concept geared at transformation – transforming people, organizations, and communities. Designed and developed by Rozaine Cooray and Dr. Pujitha Silva, RockStars is founded on a model of personal growth that has been validated across settings and communities.

At the heart of the RockStars Cause is the book, written such that it can be enjoyed by a wide variety of readers – from a school leaver, to a retired person, conveying simple truths and ideas about life.

Surrounding the book, the RockStar Program series is catered for organizations and individuals who wish to embrace the RockStars concept in their journey towards transformation.


The story is set with a backdrop of the Indian Ocean, in the early morning hours when Ed, a semi-retired doctor from England (Sri Lankan origin) and Roy, an ambitious but cautious manager of an apparel company, meet. Manager Roy is an engineer, who whilst looking for more challenges in his work, is unexpectedly pushed into a role that beyond the breadth of what he had imagined. RockStars is the story of Roy’s struggles and challenges finding his feet in a career path he never anticipated, and how seeking the wisdom of an older man transforms his view of the world altogether.

A story of simplicity, adversity, and strength, RockStars inspires readers to deeply reflect on their own personal  stories to question their pursuits of success. It revives the lost art of role-modeling and story-telling, and leads us to delve for pearls of wisdom in the stories of others.

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RockStars is the brainchild of Rozaine and Pujitha.

From a Biomedical Engineer to a Life Coach, Dr Pujitha Silva is the author of the P3 Model of Growth which was initially written in 2010. Thereafter the model has been validated, published and being used through evidence-based techniques in executive and life coaching.  Using the human anatomy as a leadership model, the book introduces nine steps on how one could progressively mature as a person in the organization and in society as whole to be a role model.

Pujitha says that he has much to be thankful for for coaching, when he first met his now  wife Rozaine who is a Certified coach from the ICF and an author, to discuss the potential partnership of establishing the Full Life Coaching School that equips people from different disciplines to pioneer the concept of growth in their fields.

Marrying their ideas on how one could bring about transformation within systems, Rozaine as a novelist, writes a story that embodies the nine steps of the model. She is the Founder of Forte Consultancy that provides bahavoiral and business growth analytics and people development solutions. She is also the author of the book ‘From Crisis to Character’ and the novel ‘Colours of the Sun’.

The duo together have served more that 50 organizations in Sri Lanka, Australia, UK, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi and have personally coached more than 700 individuals. Both admit that their greatest opportunity to be better, is their son Yavin who keeps them grounded.